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ProDigital Future Fund Accelerator: Empowering Web3 Innovators and Digital Pioneers

We're driving innovation and unlocking creative potential in the world of web3 and digital assets. Join us as we shape the digital future together.


Igniting the Creative Spark in the Web3 Space

At ProDigital Future Fund Accelerator, we're harnessing the boundless potential of digital pioneers in the rapidly evolving world of web3. We fuel their visionary ideas through a robust accelerator program that blends creativity and cutting-edge technology. Join us as we weave a dynamic collaborative tapestry, unveiling the spectrum of opportunities within web3 and blockchain technology.

Our program offers expert mentorship, personalized guidance, and extensive resources, kindling the spark of innovation and fostering projects that revolutionize digital interactions and experiences.


Fostering Creativity, Collaboration, and Inclusivity


Innovation & Collaboration

We value creativity and innovation, and believe in fostering a collaborative community that drives progress in the Web3 world.

Empowerment &


We are dedicated to empowering participants and fostering an inclusive environment that appreciates diversity, with the belief that everyone can make a difference. 

Transparency & Integrity

We uphold transparency and trust as key pillars, building strong relationships with all stakeholders while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Impact &


Our emphasis is on generating meaningful impact through sustainable solutions, aiming for enduring change in communities and the broader ecosystem.

Program Outline

Three Months to Transformative Growth

Month 1

Orientation - Introduction to the program and expectations.

Ideation - Refinement of ideas and development of clear value propositions.

Month 2

Product Development - Technical and design support for building Web3 Products.

Market Analysis - Guidance on target market understanding and growth strategies. 

Month 3

Fundraising Prep - Guidance on strategies and demo day pitch preparation.

Market Analysis - Guidance on target market understanding and growth strategies. 

  • The project must be focused on digital assets or Web3 technologies

  • The project must have a clear value proposition and potential for impact

  • The project must have a dedicated and capable team with relevant skills and experience

  • The project must be at an early stage of development, with a working prototype or minimum viable product (MVP).

  • The team must be committed to actively participating in the accelerator program and taking advantage of the resources and support provided

Eligibility Criteria
Investment Oppotunities

The program will provide comprehensive investment support for exceptional participants

  1. Seed Funding - We offer seed funding to help launch or scale projects, with amounts tailored to the project stage and team needs. 

  2. Investor Connections - Participants gain access to our network of investors interested in digital assets and Web3 technologies, facilitating further project support and funding. 

  3. Mentorship - We provide ongoing guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts, helping navigate the challenges of successful project development. 

  4. Networking - Our program offers abundant opportunities to connect with innovators, experts, and potential partners in the digital assets and Web3 sphere.

  5. Technical Support - Participants can benefit from technical support, including access to tools and resources essential for project building and scaling. 


Our team of seasoned mentors, boasting diverse expertise, is committed to nurturing participant growth and success. Our mentors share their wealth of knowledge and insights, helping participants navigate the path to success in the digital asset and web3 space.

Maurice Ng CSO at Kingdom Labs.jpeg

Maurice Ng

CSO @ Kingdom Labs

Kenny Shih.jpeg

Kenny Shih

Former Head of BD @ CoinFLEX

Simon Au Yeung.jpeg

Simon Au Yeung

CEO @ HK BGE Limited


Chris Tian

Managing Director of G5 AU

Bruce Chen.jpg

Bruce Chen

Australia/China Lawyer

Partner @ Prodigital

“ The accelerator program provided us with the resources and support we needed to bring our Web3 project to the next level. We couldn't have done it without their mentorship, funding and networking opportunities. ”
Join us

Embark on this captivating journey with us as we unlock the potential of creative minds, overcome challenges, and fuse diverse innovations into a spectacular vision that transcends the boundaries of the digital landscape.

The first intake has concluded. For details regarding the next intake, please reach out to us for further information.
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