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The Minds Behind the Mission
Curt Shi

Founding Partner

Curt Shi is a highly experienced venture capital professional with a global investment track record spanning Australia, Israel, the United States, and China. In addition to holding positions in a number of listed companies in the classical tech space, he has also achieved significant success through his investments in blockchain and web3 technologies. Notable among these are Efficient Frontier, which generated a 10X return, Swell, which delivered a 3X return in just three months, and STEPN, which achieved an impressive 1,500X return within a six-month timeframe. Curt serves as the founding partner of Follow [The] Seed, Imprint Capital Partners, and Welinder & Shi Capital.

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George Lam

Founding Partner

George is a passionate advocate for digital transformation, tech entrepreneurship, sustainable development, ESG investment, and the new economy. He brings extensive leadership experience to his work, having served in numerous executive roles including chairman, vice chairman, senior advisor, CEO, COO, MD, and GM. George's expertise also extends to his roles as an experienced chairman, board member, and advisor to various investment funds, firms, and publicly-listed companies. He has served on investment committees and risk management committees, bringing valuable insights and strategic guidance to each of these positions.

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Ben Ng

Founding Partner

Ben Ng is a highly experienced entrepreneur and venture capital veteran with over two decades of experience in China, the United States, Australia, Israel, and Southeast Asia. He currently serves as the founder and chairman of BlockPillars, a Bitcoin mining startup, and as an investor in Magic Circle, a leading STO player in Asia, and Alchip, a major player in crypto mining chip design listed in Taiwan. Ben is also a venture partner and former general partner of SAIF Partners, where he played a key role in driving the firm's investment strategy. Prior to this, he led Cisco's M&A and venture investments in the Asia Pacific region and was a co-founder of Metaplex, which was later acquired by Cisco in 1996.

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Rebecca Qiu


Rebecca Qiu is a seasoned dealmaker with more than 20 years of experience working across mainland China, Hong Kong, and Australia. As the Founding Partner of Inspiration China Investment, she has established herself as a leading Series B investor and board member of PCS, a China-based company with international leading technology of communication chip for IOT. Additionally, Rebecca serves as a seed investor of STEPN, one of the most promising GameFi companies in Australia. Her extensive experience and expertise in dealmaking make her a valuable asset to any company seeking to expand their reach in the rapidly growing IoT and gaming markets.

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